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Recent Customer Feedback

"Big thank you for a fantastic service after misfuelling my motorcycle. No easy task to strip down and flush out diesel from a modern fuel-injected bike. I was initially concerned about a major strip down job on the bike but no need to worry, the technician Dave was extremely capable and the bike was put back together perfectly and started straight away. Had a very long trip home south on a very hot day (35C) and the bike performed flawlessly. So very big thank you - great job."
"Excellent service, honest, efficient and very knowledgable. Fair price, no hidden extras. Thanks "
"... filled up with diesel in petrol car ...ground to halt on country lane ... forecourt assist arrived at predicted time ... technician dave emptied fuel tank and carburetor float chambers ....and i was on my way! ... FIRST CLASS FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE FROM FORECOURT ASSIST .."
"Prompt and totally professional service. Drained the tank of petrol from my Diesel car and got me back on the road within half hour of arriving. Refreshing to find such a polite and trustworthy guy and for a very competitive price. "
"Cannot thank Dave from the Huddersfield branch enough! It was out of hours so of course AA were clueless! I rang these guys who came out to me within an hour. He was friendly, nice and calmed me down. I'd made the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in a car which didn't actually belong to me which made the whole thing a whole lot worse! He was done within a couple of hours max and I wish I'd rang them first. I know I will in future! The price I personally thought was amazing with a truly amazing service. Thanks again Dave. Ellie from Wakey."
"Brilliant service. Cheapest i could find and was worth every penny. Father in law put £20 of petrol in my almost empty diesel Touran then it was driven until it stopped running.... Under an gour with this company and the cars as good as new. Thanks Jack"
"i had a moment of madness and filled up with petrol by mistake. dave turned up within 40 minutes and had me mobile again in less than 30 more. what a first class service. "
"great service, fast and efficient. made me feeling like a plonker a lot less stressful. top job!"
"what a fabulous service. very prompt, very efficient, fixed within 30 mins. could not have asked for more"
""A quick response and excellent service on an awful day. The technician Dave did an a fantastic job. He was not happy with the first results so did the drain again until the engine was back to normal and running smoothly. The final cost was much cheaper than other quotes I had that day. If you make the same mistake I would recommend these guys every time!" "
"I filled up with the wrong fuel at a petrol station on the A1, I didn't get very far before my car started to judder, so I needed to pullover. After realising what I had done I did a little research online and came across this company which was by far the cheapest!! I had been quoted between £250 - £300 by everyone else! Giving these a call they were with me within 90 minutes, the man who cameout worked as quickly as possible to get me back on the road and was really friendly as well!! Excellent service!!! Thank you for sorting my car out Dave! "
"I filled up with the wrong fuel after a mega long day at work. As i drove home i felt the car start to kangaroo and judder. I had no idea what was really wrong but i decided to pull over anyway. It was only when i glanced at my fuel receipt they i realised what i had done. I found Forecourt Assist South Yorkshire on the internet and gave them a ring straight away. they attended in about 30-40 mins and even tho the car had stopped running i was on my way again 30 mins later. The weather was foul but the technician carried on working regardless. An absolute credit to this company and marvelous service all round. Highly recommended if you have the misfortune to put the wrong fuel into your car."
"i had a moment of madness and filled my car with petrol. why i dont know. i have not had a petrol car for nearly 15 years. anyway my wife and i found out what i had done when the car stopped on the way to a family party. found these guys on the net and they turned up well quick and sorted us out faster than i thought possible. cheap as chips to boot. fantastic guy who turned up put us at ease cos i thought i had properly busted the car. made it to the party with only my pride a bit bruised. "
"i mistakenly put petrol into my car instead of diesel. The technician got to me within 25 minutes and i was on my way shopping again less than 30 minutes later. Fabulous service. Heartily recommended by me if anyone makes this easy mistake. "
"I was taken to a location in Sheffield by a Recovery company after driving my car from Grimsby down to the M1. This was done via my insurance company who contacted Forecourt Assist and arranged for them to attend. The van was there well within the allotted arrival time and began sorting me out straight away. I was amazed to see my car running again within 20-30 mins. The recovery truck had barely packed away and moved before i was ready to continue my journey. An absolutely amazing service. Many thanks to all involved."
"Many thanks for the quick response - it was an awful wet day and the technician did an amazing job"
"I was really impressed with the service, the technician arrived quickly and got us back on the road as quickly as possible. Many thanks for helping me out of a difficult position!"